14 Jun 2018

Dakota Mobile has launched its dedicated Fuel solution for Proof of Delivery (PoD) applications.

The cloud-based application connects to back office systems in real-time to provide the latest, up-to-date status report on deliveries via the use of 4G connectivity. The solution also connects to the pump meter via Bluetooth for all deliveries, meaning no manual driver input or cabling is required and guarantees the accuracy of the amount of fuel pumped. Mandatory VOSA Vehicle Checks are also incorporated within the app as standard, meaning all compliance considerations are covered immediately. Customer receipts can either be printed at the point of delivery or emailed electronically, dependent upon customer preference.

Tablet screen shot.png

The solution can easily switch from bulk fuel deliveries and also cater for those clients delivering gas bottles and cylinders as part of their provision, with the deliveries tracked via GPS with dedicated ETA functionality to advise the customer on the status of deliveries.

Commenting on the launch, Managing Director Keith Hardy said

“We are delighted to launch this dedicated mobile ePOD application for the fuel & LPG sector. Dakota Mobile has enjoyed some recent success with a number of large European LPG customers that have been delighted with the results and swift return on investment. We quickly identified that the options available on the market were very limited, and took the decision to develop the Dakota Mobile Fuel app using the latest technology and, importantly, the latest security features to comply with GDPR regulations.”

Mr. Hardy added:

“The feedback we have had is excellent, resulting in improved customer service, streamlined communications with drivers, greater driver output and seamless links with company financial systems, meaning invoicing is triggered once the client has signed for the delivery. We have also partnered with leading technology companies to ensure any truck devices meet the appropriate ATEX standard from a regulatory and safety perspective”.