eTrakLogic is a cost effective track and trace software solution which allows the tracking of specimen samples from the point of collection such as GP Practices, clinics and surgeries right through to the pathology, pharmacy labs or relevant hospital departments.

eTrakLogic is a real-time application which allows you to:

  • monitor your driver’s progress on his daily routine and manage the workload back at base with immediate data available of sample collections.
  • record the collection and delivery of bags - the driver is equipped with a handheld computer/PDA running the application. 

At the point of collection of bags from the GP Practice:

  • the driver ID and his van ID are scanned
  • the GP Practice location is scanned
  • collection bags are scanned and checked for duplication
  • signature capture is used as proof of collection.  

At the point of delivery to the Pathology Lab:

  • the receiver ID is scanned
  • the Lab location is scanned
  • bags received in are scanned
  • missing bags or duplicated scans are identified