Our solution provides real-time visibility of fleet activities and movements, giving you full control over your fleet at all times.

With up to date information, you can monitor the progress of all current jobs or find the nearest suitable vehicle. This will allow you to coordinate drivers and vehicles for optimum efficiency, making better decisions, faster. Our comprehensive fleet tracking system combines exact vehicle location and premium software to collect vehicle data, so that you can precisely pinpoint your vehicles whereabouts.  The fleet tracking capabilities allow you to have full control over your fleet and monitor their location at all times.

Telematics and measuring of driver’s behaviour:

  • Improved driver behaviour to reduce fuel consumption and minimise vehicle maintenance requirements (less idling, less harsh breaking, less fuel consumption)
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Increased vehicle longevity and greater service intervals
  • Ability to link to driver and company KPI’s

In-vehicle technology benefits:

  • Improved driver safety
  • Live 4G integrated camera technology to report incidents in real-time
  • Reduced risk of incidents
  • Mobile driver App